• ALOHA Friday!

    ALOHA Friday!

    Last day on the office today. I went to In-n-out and got me a single animal style. Burger was delicious as always and I ate most of the fries. After I went to visit my Aunt who is sick and after over to my mom’s. Tomorrow me and my sister are going wine tasting and buffet for dinner.

  • Full


    I’ve gone to just about all the food places I wanted to go too. Not sure if I want In N Out tomorrow. I’ll decide before work ends. I even went to Krispy Kreme for dessert. I also picked up some hats for my kids. I still have to stop by the Caltrain station to pick up a schedule for my son.

  • Grubbin


    Been eating out everyday and I feel like my belly is getting bigger and I’m gaining weight. I didn’t even make it to the pool yet because of kanack attack. I really don’t think I’ll be in the water til I get back home. 🙁

  • Goin back to Cali Cali

    Goin back to Cali Cali

    I’m back in da Bay Area for work. It seems like I always come back at a bad time. The last time I came it was absolutely freezing. This week its suppose to be cold and storming. I decided to stay close to work and stay at a hotel that has an indoor pool. I’m gonna make use out of the pool before I go to work. Looking forward to eating out every night! Monday – El Farolito carne asada super burrito Tuesday – Rubios fish tacos Wednesday – Team dinner Thursday – Pascuales Friday – In n Out Saturday – Lunch at Napa

  • ALOHA Friday

    ALOHA Friday

    Last ALOHA Friday we went to Hilton Hawaiian Village and saw the fireworks there. This was the first time we’ve seen the fireworks over there. You can’t see them from the rest of Waikiki because they don’t go up to high. I’m also not use to seeing Diamond Head so close. I’m use to seeing it from White Plains Beach.

  • Been busy

    Been busy

    I’ve been pretty busy lately with work. I’ve also been doing some web design work on the side. Found a landscape contractor who needs a website so I bartered some design work for a discount for my concrete and landscaping. At the same time I updated the theme to this site. I’ll be creating another site for my business soon.