• We actually live here!

    We actually live here!

    It hit me. We finally made it out to the beach and I while I sat amongst the tourists, watched the kids playing in the sand and looked around at the palm trees and beautiful ocean, I realized… We. Actually. Live. In. Hawaii!!!!  We are not on vacation!!!!

  • In with the new!

    In with the new!

    Our carpet was installed and it is so much more nicer and soft than the old carpet! I’m glad we selected a pattered carpet. Looks much nicer! We still have some old carpet downstairs but were replacing that with wood.

  • Out with the old…

    Out with the old…

    So the weekend after we arrived home I ripped off the carpet because we’re getting new carpet installed next Tuesday. Our old carpet was hideous! It had stains everywhere and it was hard. Also, I kept on getting bites on my feet so I had to treat the carpet for fleas! All of our stuff is either in the bathrooms or downstairs. Next weekend it’s time to unpack!

  • Happy new year! Happy new home!

    Happy new year! Happy new home!

    Aloha! We’ve officially moved to da islands! New Year’s day we were on our one-way ticket to our new life and new home.  It’s going to be a happy new year!

  • Across the Pacific…

    Across the Pacific…

    Our stuff has arrived and sailed across the Pacific! It’s time to unpack!

  • The Journey Begins…

    The Journey Begins…

    Our house is in a 20′ shipping container on a ship! I have no more truck to drive because it’s at the port. Yesterday when I dropped my truck off a HI Airlines flight was flying overhead!