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  • Completion!!!


    Mission Completion! It’s time to head home! I’ve got the 2 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in my carry-on luggage. Looking forward to seeing my family! See you in a few months Bay Area!

  • ALOHA Friday!

    ALOHA Friday!

    Last day on the office today. I went to In-n-out and got me a single animal style. Burger was delicious as always and I ate most of the fries. After I went to visit my Aunt who is sick and after over to my mom’s. Tomorrow me and my sister are going wine tasting and buffet for dinner.

  • Full


    I’ve gone to just about all the food places I wanted to go too. Not sure if I want In N Out tomorrow. I’ll decide before work ends. I even went to Krispy Kreme for dessert. I also picked up some hats for my kids. I still have to stop by the Caltrain station to pick up a schedule for my son.

  • Grubbin


    Been eating out everyday and I feel like my belly is getting bigger and I’m gaining weight. I didn’t even make it to the pool yet because of kanack attack. I really don’t think I’ll be in the water til I get back home. 🙁

  • Goin back to Cali Cali

    Goin back to Cali Cali

    I’m back in da Bay Area for work. It seems like I always come back at a bad time. The last time I came it was absolutely freezing. This week its suppose to be cold and storming. I decided to stay close to work and stay at a hotel that has an indoor pool. I’m gonna make use out of the pool before I go to work. Looking forward to eating out every night! Monday – El Farolito carne asada super burrito Tuesday – Rubios fish tacos Wednesday – Team dinner Thursday – Pascuales Friday – In n Out Saturday – Lunch at Napa