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  • Happy new year! Happy new home!

    Happy new year! Happy new home!

    Aloha! We’ve officially moved to da islands! New Year’s day we were on our one-way ticket to our new life and new home.  It’s going to be a happy new year!

  • Across the Pacific…

    Across the Pacific…

    Our stuff has arrived and sailed across the Pacific! It’s time to unpack!

  • The Journey Begins…

    The Journey Begins…

    Our house is in a 20′ shipping container on a ship! I have no more truck to drive because it’s at the port. Yesterday when I dropped my truck off a HI Airlines flight was flying overhead!

  • Packing


    Well we got the house. Life’s been pretty hectic right now. We’ve been packing and getting rid of stuff. The Matson is at the curb! Almost ALOHA Friday for me! Closing this Friday!